Julie, Operations Manager

staff_julieJulie was born and raised in Canton and got started in the animal care field in a veterinary clinic there, where she worked for seven years. When she first came to the Pet Hotel, Julie started in the kennel and moved to reception before becoming the General Manager in 2013. Julie’s family has always owned animals, ranging from farm animals like pigs and chickens to domesticated pets like cats and dogs, and she was always the one to beg her father to keep stray animals. As of now, her personal pets include an Eclectic Parrot named Ember, a Guinea Pig named Maverick and her dogs: three Pit Bulls named Joker, Jester and Jigster, who are more like her children than pets. When she isn’t keeping herself busy at work, Julie loves to spend time with her six year old, Shawn, doing things like visiting museums, hiking and working on project cars.